Support the National Academy Orchestra of Canada

Fact #1

The NAO is Canada’s only professional training orchestra, and one of the only few in the World.

Fact #2

Graduates from the NAO hold, or have held positions, with virtually every major orchestra across Canada and orchestras around the World.

Fact #3

In its' 30 years of creating world-class musicians, the NAO has graduated over 1,000 students into the profession.

Fact #4

The NAO incorporates a real-to-life rehearsal and performance schedule as part of its training program, producing over 30 performances each spring and summer.

When you give to the NAO, you’re supporting an organization that champions music education, equality and diversity on stage and off, and fostering new artistic talent that makes Canada shine. Ticket sales cover only approximately 20% of the NAO's operating costs. That means donations of any size make a big difference.