There is a $75 to $100*audition fee payable by MasterCard, Visa or American Express during sign-up.

*If you applying prior to January 1st, 2020 the fee is $75. If you apply after January 1st, 2020 the fee is $100


  • For a Live Audition, you must apply no later than Friday, January 31st, 2020.
  • For a Recorded Audition, you must apply and have your recording in no later than Friday, March 20th, 2020.

(scroll down to learn more and for application link)


February 22nd, 2020 @ 12:00pm to 4:00pm
UBC School of Music
6361 Memorial Road
Barnett Hall


Dates and times are flexible and can be booked per person
Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 @ TBA
Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Music
75 University Ave W, Waterloo
Room: TBA
Sunday, February 16th, 2020 @ 10AM to 10PM

Royal Conservatory of Music
273 Bloor St. West
Room: 410
Friday, February 21st, 2020 @ 12:00 to 18:00

Ottawa University Music Faculty
50 University
Room: 220
Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 @ 10:00 to 20:00

Conservatoire de Musique de Montreal
4750, avenue Henri-Julien
Room: Atelier Lyrique 1115


For Strings, Wood Winds and Brass

Prepare 4 contrasting orchestral excerpts of your choice:

  • Try and choose excerpts that would be found on most professional orchestral audition lists. i.e. Violins – Don Juan, Brahms 1 opening, Mozart 39 4th mvmt, Schumann 2 Scherzo etc.
  • You may want to include a few excerpts from the repertoire we will be performing in the upcoming season.

Prepare 1 solo selection of your choice:

  • You may choose to do the exposition of a concerto or the entire movement, it is up to you.
  • Try to avoid choosing obscure things, we would prefer things that are commonly performed on professional orchestral auditions ei. Violins, a solo Bach or a movement from a Mozart Violin concerto.

Live Auditions:
When filling out the online application, select Live Audition in the city you wish to perform in. Once the application deadline has passed, we will contact you to let you know if live auditions will be happening in your city of choice. We guarantee live auditions in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, but other cities we require a minimum of 6 participants to proceed.

You will be asked for your audition time preference as we try to accommodate you as best as possible. Please arrive at your audition at least 15 minutes prior to fill out the necessary paper work.


Recorded Auditions for Instrumentalists: (excluding percussion)

Should you be unavailable for a live audition we encourage you to send in recorded submissions. Please read and follow the guidelines carefully for a recorded audition.

  1. Fill out our online audition application and request recorded submission, you can attach the recording link at the end of the application if you wish.
  2. We prefer video recordings.
  3. All excerpts must be recorded in one take, no splicing allowed.
  4. You solo selection can be recorded on a separate take or be recorded at a different time. For example, you can use a recording from a final recital that was previously recorded.
  5. We prefer recordings to be email to us, either using Drop Box, Google Docs or as an attachment file. Please make sure your file is compatible with a PC computer, and not MAC.
  6. Please included your name, instrument and a list of what you are applying for in an email or mailed along with your DVD.
  7. We will accept dvd recordings mailed to us but they must arrive on time to be considered.


Special Requirements for Conducting Applicants

Conducting applicants will not be granted live auditions so please read the following instructions carefully:
Video Recording Requirements
Fill out the online application and request a recorded submission. You can attach the link to your recordings at the end of the application if you wish.

  • No more than 30 minutes total.
  • Footage should be of rehearsals AND performances.
  • Very important that you have footage in front of an ochestra.
  • Applicants should show a variety of skills.
  • Multiple selections if possible.
  • Camera must be face on.
  • Good quality audio recommended.
  • Please include your name and list of what you are playing in an email or mailed in with your DVD.
  • We prefer recordings to be emailed to us, either using Drop box, Google Docs or as an attachment file. Please make sure your recording is compatible with a PC computer and not MAC.
  • Please clearly mark the DVD with applicant’s name, track titles and composer and title of each selection. (If sending a DVD)


Special Requirements for Percussionists

Due to the difficulties of having percussion equipment available for all live auditions, we do not offer this option for percussionists. You must therefore send us a recorded submission. Please follow the instructions for your recorded submissions carefully.

Your recorded submission must include the following:

  • One (1) solo work.
  • Three (3) timpani excerpts.
  • Two (2) keyboard excerpts.
  • One (1) snare drum excerpt.
  • One (1) other standard excerpt.

In addition:

  • Please indicate if you have experience on drum set; if so, include an example on the audition recording (not required, but preferred).
  • Please use standard orchestral excerpts.
  • DVD is preferred for percussion applicants.
  • Fill out the online application and indicate a recorded submission, you can attach the link to your audition material at the end of the application if you wish.
  • It is preferred that material be email using either Drop Box, Google docs or as an attachment but you can mail a dvd if you prefer.
  • Please include your name, instrument and what you are playing in an email or mailed in with your dvd.
  • Should you choose to mail your material in, please send it to:
    Megan Jones
    National Academy Orchestra
    301 Bay Street South
    Hamilton ON L8P 3J7
    Phone: 905-525-7664

    If mailing from out of the country, please make sure your package is declared as having no value. We will not pay duty or taxes on packages - they will be sent back.